What you need to know about High Jewelry.

    • $ 8,832.00
      This stunning 14k white gold ring houses a paraiba tourmaline; a rare gemstone known for its vivid turquoise to green colors that are not found in any other gemstone in the world! This rare gemstone is only found in certain regions of Brazil and is an extremely precious stone. The 5.5x4.5mm oval paraiba tourmaline is surrounded by 1/3ct of beautiful diamonds that are pave set in the band.  One of a kind!
  • The 4 C's of Diamond Quality

    Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat. The 4C’s of diamonds are an important part of every purchase. Some will tell you that one factor is more important than another, but the reality is that all of these measurements have an impact on the appearance and price of your stone.

    Diamond Cut

    Diamond cut refers to a diamond’s proportions. Depending on how a diamond is cut, it will capture and reflect light differently. A more precise cut ultimately costs more, but the result is a stone with greater brilliance and fire.

    Diamond Clarity

    Diamond structure is a very significant factor in pricing. When searching for that perfect stone, you’ll want to pay attention to the inclusions (structural imperfections) in your diamond. Inclusions can be either additional diamond crystals, other minerals, or cavities embedded within the stone.

    Diamond Color

    The less color, the higher the value. Many commercial grade diamonds start with an “I” rating in color. At Middleton Jewelers, our primary concern is with the overall quality of your purchase. Most of our stones are rated G – H or better.


    According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), about 25% – 35% of all diamonds exhibit some level of fluorescence. The appearance of fluorescence is subjective, but it can effect your diamond’s cost, especially with larger stones.

    Diamond Types

    When buying a big diamond, it’s not just the 4C’s that matter. Larger diamonds also have types, which are classified by their chemical impurities, and require an inferred spectrometer to detect. At larger sizes, the diamond type can have a significant impact on cost.