Middleton Jewelers Guarantee

The best warranty in the jewelry business, period.

We warranty our merchandise caused by manufacturing defect or from any damage incurred during *normal wear of the jewelry purchased, on the condition that the following terms are met by the purchaser or recipient of the item:

  • The items must be checked on by Middleton Jewelers at least once per year. This allows us to find any potential problems and provide preventative if necessary.
  • The items must never be worked on by anyone else but Middleton Jewelers. Many jewelers do not have the same standards of Middleton Jewelers and can actually harm the jewelry when they work on it. If another jeweler works on your piece from Middleton Jewelers our warranty is voided.
  • The items must never come into contact with any chemicals including the products used in pools and hot tubs. Chemicals, especially bleach and chlorine, are extremely harmful to precious metals and can damage the items to the point that they can no longer be fixed or worked on.
  • If an item has a center stone, the center stone is not covered from loss or damage by Middleton Jewelers. These stones should be covered under a separate insurance policy, such as a homeowner’s policy. Middleton Jewelers will still do preventative maintenance on the center stone to better insure the security of the center stone.

*Normal wear means what a piece of jewelry would normally encounter on a a daily basis. This does not cover abuse or neglect of any kind. Middleton Jewelers Warranty is meant to keep the piece of jewelry wearable, not to replace or fix the item if it is badly damaged or destroyed.