If you are unable to make it into the showroom we offer THE OPTION OF SERVICING YOU VIRTUALLY (VIA ZOOM, FACETIME, OR SKYPE) TO MITIGATE THE RISK OF COVID-19. Click the blue icon in the bottom left and upload images of your repair and we can give you a virtual estimate!

We'll make it like the day you bought it.

See what jewelry repair services we offer at Middleton Jewelers.

Ring Sizing

Whether you’re inheriting a ring, receiving one as a gift, or your knuckles are just a little bigger than they used to be, most rings are sizable. Sometimes sizing a ring is as simple as adding or removing metal to the band, and sometimes it’s a little more involved.

Mounting & Retipping

As you wear your jewelry, metal wears away. With age, most things need maintenance. If your jewelry has stones or diamonds, we’ll need to check the prongs occasionally to make sure they’re thick enough to keep your stones secure.

gemstone replacement in madison, wi

Gemstone Replacement

Sometimes stones get lost. Whether you bump your jewelry into something, or a prong breaks from wear, we’ll work with you to find a matching stone just like the one you lost.

Professional Cleaning

Things getting a little grimy? We can clean them up like new. Come into the store for a complementary professional jewelry cleaning. We’ll even check your prongs, look for loose stones, and make sure your ring doesn’t need any immediate attention from our shop.

Polishing & Refinishing

When your ring is scratched, your brushed finish is wearing, or you just want a different look on your jewelry, our professional polishing and refinishing services are just for you.

Chain Repairs

Chains break from time to time, and we’re your perfect resource for fixing them. Whether your clasp is broken, or a link needs soldered, we’ll get your chain looking brand new.

Pearl Restringing

Whether you’re adding to your add-a-pearl program, your strand breaks, or you just need new silk in your pearl necklace, it’s time to restring the strand!

Watch Service

When you need a new battery, or your watch band is the wrong size, come into the store to have us swap things out while you wait!

Invisible Set Repair

Too few jewelers are able to repair insistent jewelry. If your invisible set diamond jewelry is in need of repair, Our master goldsmith, Logan, is the best choice for repairs from here to Chicago.

Eyeglass Repairs

When the hinge breaks on your eyeglasses, most people don’t think of a jeweler for repairs. At Middleton Jewelers, we can fix your glasses for less than most other companies.

Shank Service

Whether your band is thinning out, or your knuckles are just getting bigger, we can replace old shanks, and even suggest adjustable shank solutions to meet your needs.