Revive the Shine: Middleton Jewelers’ Exceptional Jewelry Repair Services Bring Back the Brilliance!


If you value their jewelry, you will want to treat your precious pieces with the utmost care and attention. However, regardless of your care, wear and tear can take its toll on them over time. If your jewelry has lost its shine, has become damaged, or is no longer wearable, worry not! Middleton Jewelers is here to help revive the brilliance of your jewelry pieces. With our exceptional jewelry repair services, we’ll ensure your jewelry pieces are back to their former glory in no time.

At Middleton Jewelers, we offer a wide range of jewelry repair services to meet all your needs. Our expert team of jewelers has the knowledge and experience to repair any damage to your jewelry pieces, no matter how complex. Here are some of the repair services we offer:

Ring Sizing: Do you have a beautiful ring you can no longer wear because it no longer fits? Middleton Jewelers can help you resize your ring to your desired size and ensure it looks as good as new.

Mounting & Retipping: If your diamond or gemstone has become loose or fallen out, our experts can securely mount and retip the prongs to prevent any further damage.

Gemstone Replacement: If your gemstone has become worn or damaged, we can replace it with a new one and ensure your piece looks as good as new.

Professional Cleaning: Over time, dirt and grime can build up on your jewelry, dulling its shine. Our professional cleaning service will remove all dirt and restore the brilliance of your jewelry.

Polishing & Refinishing: If your jewelry shows signs of wear and tear, our polishing and refinishing service will restore its shine, making it look brand new.

Chain Repairs: Do you have a broken or tangled chain? Our skilled artisans can repair and restore your chain to its former glory.

Pearl Restringing: If your pearl necklace has broken, our expert restringing service ensures they’re restrung securely.

Watch Service: Do you have a watch that has stopped working or needs a new battery? Our watch service will diagnose and repair the issue and make sure it’s back in working order.

Invisible Set Repair: If you have any jewelry pieces with invincible set diamonds, we require special care and attention. Our skilled artisans are experienced in repairing invisible set jewelry and will ensure your piece is restored to its former glory.

Eyeglass Repairs: We don’t just repair jewelry! If your eyeglasses have broken, we can repair them for you too.

Shank Service: If the shank of your ring has become bent or broken, we can repair it or replace it with a new one.

At Middleton Jewelers, we pride ourselves on our exceptional jewelry repair services. We understand how important your jewelry pieces are to you, and we are committed to restoring their brilliance and ensuring they look as good as new. Whether a simple cleaning or a complex repair, our skilled artisans have the expertise and experience to do it all. So, if you’re looking to revive the shine of your beloved jewelry pieces, schedule a repair with us today!

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