Wedding Season 2020 Like No Other

Wedding Season 2020 Proves Love is Stronger Than Fear

This wedding season will be one of the most special wedding seasons ever, because of how society has been halted in the recent past. We have seen brides and supportive families come together like never before to make sure that love prevails! All over the internet we have seen a positive loving resilience to make weddings happen no matter what and we could not be more proud to be in this amazing industry based on the notion that LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

Below we have some of the best wedding gifts that you can find as well as great jewelry gifts in general from our private designer jewelry collection.

The stats say searches for ‘wedding presents’ skyrocket around June, as many guests turn to online shopping to help them find the perfect present.

While wedding gifts are predicted to be in-demand again this year, we’re also seeing an increase in searches for all things wedding-related. Think lingerie, dresses, engagement rings, usher ensembles. It seems more and more customers are enjoying the benefits of online wedding shopping over more traditional in-store services.

Thank you so much for visiting our website and make sure you check out our limited custom jewelry collection of wedding gifts below! Use coupon code “SECRET10” for an additional 10% off!



    • Australian Opal Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver in Madison, WI
    • $ 996.00
      This MJ signature piece will definitely add some flare to your jewelry collection. The dangle earring set is in sterling silver with Australian opals. These opals are very special because they have fiery red flakes among the strong blue flakes, making the stones more valuable. The dimensions of the opals are approximately 12x5mm. The earring[.....]
    • $ 1,595.00
      This three-stone MJ signature ring is not like the most. The 14K white gold three-stone, gemstone ring includes rhodolite garnets and diamonds. The center stone is cabochon-cut and has more of a pinkish-red color, contrary to the two faceted rhodolite garnet side stones that are a purplish-red. The diameter of the center stone is approximately[.....]
    • $ 2,800.00
      This MJ signature piece is every bit of elegant with its green tourmaline center stone. The 18K white gold ring encompasses numerous small, round brilliant diamonds to bring out the bluish-green color of the tourmaline. The oval-cut green tourmaline is encased in a halo of diamonds, with two, smaller semi halos on the side. The[.....]
    • $ 1,499.00
      This MJ signature piece has a modern and traditional twist to it. The 18K white gold ring includes an oval-cut peridot center stone with one bar-set, tapered baguette diamond on each side. The dimensions of the peridot are approximately 8x6mm. The diamonds weigh 0.12ctw. The ring is priced at $1499.
    • $ 999.00
      The pink tourmaline is the star of this signature MJ piece. The stunning, oval-cut pink tourmaline is surrounded by a halo of diamonds and 10K white gold. The ring is also unique because of the split, roped shank. The round brilliant diamonds weigh 0.10ctw. The dimensions of the pink tourmaline are approximately 7x5mm. The ring[.....]
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